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An interactive web based tool for your prayer and counseling ministry

Glorious Media Group offers Live Prayer and Counseling solutions for any size church.

Using a PHP/MySQL powered Live Help interface residing on our high speed Unix servers, churches effortlessly deliver real time Prayer and Counseling to their church's website visitors.

Why use web based Live Prayer and Counseling?

  • Outreach – Church websites offering Live Prayer and Counseling report a significant increase in congregation prayer and counseling fulfillment. Statistics show church goers require prayer consistently throughout the week rather than only during weekend services. Website based Live Prayer and Counseling ministries are a tremendous blessing made possible by technology and the works of Glorious Media Group, a faith driven Florida organization.

  • Opportunity to Serve – Many among the church look for opportunities to serve however, too often they are not able to do so due to scheduling conflicts. Our Live Prayer and Counseling web based interface allows for qualified Christians to serve using their home or office computer according to their schedule, catering to people in need of prayer and/or counseling around the clock.

  • Multitasking – Our Live Prayer and Counseling web based interface is designed to handle multiple prayer or counseling sessions simultaneously from a single webpage. Using our user friendly admin console, Live Prayer and Counseling Ministry operators can easily conduct numerous conversations with as many as 10 users - Effortlessly! A truly amazing component that allows for true multitasking.

  • Ahead of the Competition – Less than 1% of American churches currently offer Live Prayer and Counseling. Be among the next wave of churches to feature Live Prayer and Counseling or if you feel no one could possibly benefit from Live Prayer and Counseling at your church, watch other churches take over this web 2.0 component in spite of the fact sooner or later, your church will offer Live Prayer and Counseling on its website.

  • Measurable Data – Our Live Prayer and Counseling interface automatically collects visitor data such as referrer, web browser trend, keywords and search engine origin which can be used in internet marketing endeavors. If your church is not utilizing internet marketing data it is likely to miss out on valuable statistics which, when used by experienced marketing professionals can significantly impact communities and congregations for churches large and small.

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Live Help FAQs

Q. Do you provide Live Prayer and Counseling staff to handle requests?
A. No we do not. We provide the software, custom designed icons, interface training and support. Members of your staff or volunteers are responsible for assisting prayer or counseling requests.

Q. Does Live Prayer and Counseling require software download and/or install?
A. Typically no it does not. Our Live Prayer and Counseling interface is web based, easily accessible through a web browser using a PC or Mac with an internet connection. In some cases our Live Prayer and Counseling interface can be installed on your server as long as it is compatible with PHP 4.x and MySQL 4.x.

Q. How long does it take do install Live Prayer and Counseling on our website?
A. In most cases 2-3 business days, though same day service is also available at an additional charge. Setup requires a minimum 15 minute training session (often handled remotely) and the implementation of Live Prayer and Counseling icons on your website which can be handled by our web production department.

Q. What is the financial investment associated with Live Prayer and Counseling?
A. Live Prayer and Counseling is one of the most affordable customer service solutions available today. To implement Live Prayer and Counseling on your website we require a $349.00 setup fee and $9.95 per operator per month.

Q. Is there a contract associated with Live Help?
A. None, you can cancel any time.

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"Live Help changed the way we do business online!"
Thank you for your help and tremendous insight. I never imagined Live Help could be so affordable yet produce such incredible results. Live Help has turned out to be the single most effective solution we ever used, it literally changed the way we do business online. All of us are endlessly thankful for the time you spent bring our website at the forefront of customer service.

Brady P. - The Ponce Foundation, Irvine USA

Glorious Media Group was contracted by Brady to setup Live Help on their company website and remotely train their customer service staff on the web based admin interface. The result was an engaging website featuring Live Help which put our client ahead of its competition which are not yet using Live Help on their website.

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