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Live help vs The Competition

Glorious Media Group's Live Help features a user friendly, web browser based interface accessible from any PC or Mac computer connected to the internet. These is no software to download or install, no obligation or contract to sign.

How does our Live Customer Support Compare to the Competition?

Interface Features
The Competition
Our Live Help

Web Browser Based Interface
Provides web based operator interface available on ANY PC or Mac computer connected to the internet, anywhere in the world.

Software to Download
Admin Software must be Downloaded and Installed on ALL computers to be used by customer service operators.

Live Chat
Provides real time customer service through a customized chat window.

Automatic Invitation
When enabled this feature automatically invites users to specific channels or web pages.

Live Analytics & Statistics
Provides actual visitor data such as search engine used or page referral, page trail, IP, Network and PC specs.

Free Button Customization
Live Help Button Customized to Match Your Web Site's Color Scheme and Feel.

Free Visitor Window Customization
Provides real time customer service through a customized chat window.

No Contract Required
No Contracts Are Required -- Cancel Anytime.

Price Comparison
Price for a Basic Setup and Monthly Service Fees.
$199.00/month per operator
$749.00 Setup and only $24.95 per operator

1 Year 1 Operator Cost
The Price You Will Pay for 1 Year of Service for 1 Operator.
(Plus Customization fees)

1 Year 3 Operator Cost
The Price You Will Pay for 1 Year of Service for 3 Operators.
(Plus Customization fees)

Christian Organization
Purpose Driven Organization, Christian Owned and Operated by Servants of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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Live Help FAQs

Q. Do you provide Live Help staff to answer our customers questions?
A. No we do not. We provide the software, custom designed icons, interface training and support. Members of your staff are responsible for answering customers questions.

Q. Does Live Help require software download and/or install?
A. Typically no it does not. Live Help is web based, easily accessible through a web browser using a PC or Mac with an internet connection. In some cases Live Help is installed on our client's server.

Q. How long does it take do install Live Help on our website?
A. In most cases 2-3 business days, though same day service is also available at an additional charge. Setup requires a minimum 15 minute training session (often handled remotely) and the implementation of Live Help icons on your website which can be handled by our web production department.

Q. What is the financial investment associated with Live Help?
A. Live Help is one of the most affordable customer service solutions available today. To implement Live Help on your website we require a $349.00 setup fee and $9.95 per operator per month. The rule of thumb has proven to be 1 Live Help operator per 500 visitors/day on your website.

Q. Is there a contract associated with Live Help?
A. None, you can cancel any time however since Live Help has proven to pay for itself usually within a few business days, it is a cost effective value added component your business will not want to do without.

"Live Help changed the way we do business online!"
Thank you for your help and tremendous insight. I never imagined Live Help could be so affordable yet produce such incredible results. Live Help has turned out to be the single most effective solution we ever used, it literally changed the way we do business online. All of us are endlessly thankful for the time you spent bring our website at the forefront of customer service.

Brady P. - The Ponce Foundation, Irvine USA

Glorious Media Group was contracted by Brady to setup Live Help on their company website and remotely train their customer service staff on the web based admin interface. The result was an engaging website featuring Live Help which put our client ahead of its competition which are not yet using Live Help on their website.

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