Affiliate Cash Report
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HTML 50k
May 2005
Saint Petersburg USA


Search Engine Submission Report
HTML 32k
July 2005
Saint Petersburg USA


Our portfolio is diverse and quite extensive. We have created web and/or multimedia content for various clients worldwide: + Architects + Artists & Art Galleries + Attorneys/Lawyers + Automobile Dealerships + Building Contractors + Christian Ministries + Clothing Manufacturers + Consulting Firms + Dentists + E-commerce Businesses + Heart Surgeons + Fitness & Nutrition Organizations + Marketing Agencies + Performers/Musicians + Printing Companies + Professional Photographers + Radio & Television + Restaurants + Sports Organizations + Transportation Industry + Travel Companies + Web Hosting/Services companies + Wedding ministers : : : : : : We carefully develop each online presence and/or produce dazzling multi-media content meticulously often surpassing client expectations.

Web Marketing genius for hire! We have been helping private and corporate clients Maximize on their Marketing dollar since 1998. We specialize in Webpage Optimization, Search Engine ranking and increasing overall web exposure. We can prove our Marketing Concepts work, and dare you to put us to the test!


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